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Service Contract Packages

We are now offering unique tailored Service Contract Packages.
A.L Electric Fencing has been working within the Electric Fence Energiser Repair Business for over 8 years.
We have noticed how often, Energisers Fail, Lead Sets become Damaged & How long you’re without your unit under the Manufactures Warranty whilst it’s sent away for repair.
We have become aware of the need for bespoke Service Contract Packages.
It’s Simple, Easy & it works on the same principle as a Mobile Phone Contract.
We offer you Piece of Mind & a Hassle Free Service that is second to none & also exclusive to A.L Electric Fencing.

Simply Give Us A Call To Discuss A No Obligation Package.

Own a Standard (1.7 Joule) (12v) Electric Fence Energiser,
For as little as £4.99 PCM.

All of the below are included in our bespoke packages:
rutland electric shepherd

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