A.L Electric Fencing - All Types Of Electric Fence Energisers Repaired
Refurbished & Reconditioned Fence Units
We carry a range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.
All units come complete with a 1 Year Warranty & a superb after sales service .All the units we stock are usually British Made Energisers & are easily repairable unlike certain Throw Away Energisers for sale on Ebay.
Please check this page frequently for up to date sales as they change on a Daily/Weekly Basis.
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electric shepherd rutland electric fencing
240v Mains Energiser
Mains 240v powered energiser.16.9 stored joules. Pulse indicator light & Mains Power indicator light. Fitted with 3A 2M Mains Flex & Plug. Power Source: 240v Stored Energy: 16.9 Joules Volts: 10,000v Distance Ratings : No Vegetation: 120 km Moderate Vegetation: 40 km High Vegetation: 18 km Full 1 Year Warranty Provided & FREE P&P !! RRP £699. CLEARANCE ITEM !! DISCONTINUED GRAB A BARGAIN !!
Price: £299.99
rutland electric fencing
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